Meersbrook Park

The park is situated in the centre of Meersbrook, an inner suburb of Sheffield about 2 miles south of the city centre. It offers stunning views of the city, a walled garden and The Bishops House, one of the oldest buildings in Sheffield. On snowy days the steep slope attracts people from across the city to experience high speed and hair-raising tobogganing.

Facilities in the park include Meersbrook Hall – where a range of community courses are provided, a bowling green, skate bowl, community building, youth shelter, dog free zone, multi-use games area all-weather football pitch and a trim trail.

Latest News

Small Park Big Run


Easter Egg Hunt

Thanks to everybody who came to our Easter event in the Walled Garden on Sunday 31st March. We raised over £494 and sold 110 eggs to happy egg hunters and the cakes went down a treat! Thanks to all our lovely volunteers. If you’d like to become a volunteer in the walled garden or get more involved with us in the park, please send an email to

Ravine Working Day

Thanks to everyone who came along to help us with the ravine project, on 9th March 2024, and the creation of the ‘dead hedge’. if you’ve noticed some fenced off areas in the woods at the top of the park, this is an effort to stem the flow of water down the ravine by encouraging more plants to grow back on and around the stream edges. When there are no plants there, the banks of the stream wash away more easily and all the earth then gets washed down and can caused blockages further downstream. This is part of a larger project improving the stream and slowing down the flow all the way down the park. It’s also about encouraging bio-diversity in the park.

Raking Day

MPUT CIO together with SCC invited local residents to take part in a raking day in September 2023. 30 people participated to help remove cut grass from the hill.

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